Frequently Asked Questions

To help Leaders we have recorded all the questions we have received and a few we expect to receive, the answers are below, if you have any questions we have not answered please let us know:

What is different to this camp as normally there is not that much for Explorers?

Run To The Fun started as a camp for Explorers that Scouts were invited to, so they could meet Explorers and this would aid transition, we identified a lot of Scouts were lost in the transition to Explorers. This has remained the aim of the camp and as an Explorer camp we ensure the older section has lots to take part in and assist if they want to, there are some activities that will be solely reserved for Explorers, we know the Explorers and Young Leader like to help and will ask them to help on the Beavers and Cubs Adventure day.

The camp management have attended a number of large camps and have learnt a lot of lessons at them and we intend to ensure we try not to repeat them, after all we are all volunteers and enjoy our scouting.

We have a group of Explorers who work with the camp management and they tell us exactly what they think of the activities we have organised.

We are hoping like in previous camps that district try and organise the attendance and we find by camping as a district or part of a District, the job roles are shared and the camp is easier, it also allows you to find out what other skills are in the district.

I want to attend the camp and am over 18, what options are available to me?

To run a camp as large as this we will need lots or people who are over 18 who either has special skills or general skills, you will need to be a member of the scout movement (at least Devons Active Support Units, Events) and a valid Scouts DBS, the charge for all adults attending is £60 if you want to come as a member of the staff that £60 will be for your Tee Shirt & food. If you want to cater for yourself the cost will be £25. We are hoping we will have sufficient adults that you will get a reasonable time off to enjoy the jamboree as we know how much time the majority of adults give to scouting.

Please let us know if you are thinking of attending as staff by emailing

As a thank you to all the staff team we will be having a staff party on Sunday evening. We anticipate we will have packed up some of the camp on the Saturday and the rest on the Sunday before leaving. The tents and other stuff will be dismantled on the Monday by the commercial companies.

I would like to attend, I am under 18 but my group is not planning on attending

Why would they not want to attend the most adventurous and best camp to be run in the south-west for a long time, however as you know we plan to be inclusive and for Explorers, we are planning to ensure we have facilities to take lone Explorers at the Explorer Sub-camp. We are hoping if we have a request from a Scout we can place with another group so long as the group and district is happy with this. We are well aware of the Associations Vision 2018 and are involving Explorers and Scouts in the setting up of the Jamboree.
To book in as an Individual attending RUn to the Fun please visit here and we can add you to the Explorers Sub Camp

Will there be transport to a local supermarket?

We will be arranging transport to a local supermarket daily this will be booked in the Information tent, however better than that we are negotiating will a local supermarket to undertake click and collect deliveries to a marquee on the site.

When we have sorted it out we will let people know, so if you want to make your life easy, order during the week for delivery on Sunday morning to the site and during the week.

We don’t have a camping permit, is this a problem?

The simple answer is NO, if you do not have a camping permit, we will link you up with somebody who has and if you think you are ready for gaining a camp site permit we will have Nights Away Assessors on site and can arrange for your camp to be assessed and either gain a permit or an action plan to gain a permit.

We also have a number of the management team with permits who will if necessary support you.

Can I Bring my pet dog to the camp?

The simple answer is NO, as a dog owner myself I understand a dog is part of a family but the working group managing the event have decided not to allow dogs to stay on the site over night.

Will there be an area where leaders can relax?

Yes, we will have an adult area, this will be part of the staff area, after a certain time the areas will be for over 18s only and we are anticipating adults will be able to obtain adult refreshments. Light snacks may be available. However normal Scouting rules apply.

We will also be having adult time on some of the activities, we know that adults give up a lot of time for scouting and a lot would like to take part in the Air Bag, Kayaking and rafting and other activities and specific time will be allocated for adults.

Will you expect me to help out on the camp?

As you are aware all the people who have set this up and organised are volunteers and have put in a considerable time to get the camp off the ground and getting it going, we are hoping that other leaders and adults on the camp will help us on the event, we cannot set a rule like other camps have tried as we realise a lone leader with some scouts will be busy, we are hoping we can team people us so all can have a great camp. I would hope spare leaders would help us about half the time, this will allow the leaders to make new friends as well as learn new skills.

We will have leader training and validation available on the site and some leaders will want to use this opportunity to get training progressed.

Leaders will be encouraged to sign up in the information tent which will have a constant supply tea and coffee.

Will there be a camp fire?

As the camp will be large, I feel that if people want to have a camp fire this will be run in the sub-camps arranged by the sub-camp leaders. I know we will be having one for the Beavers and Cubs on the Saturday evening and you will be welcome to join in with this one.

Can I set up my camp site before Sunday morning?

We are not allowing young people to camp on the site before Sunday morning, I understand some groups will want to either set up or drop kit on site before the Sunday morning, this should not be a problem.

We envisage that if adults want to arrive on the saturday afternoon to set up camp areas this will be acceptable, however there will no formal activities until the Sunday at the opening ceremony.

Staff can arrive from the Friday to help set up the site

Can I bring a Generator?

The working group dealing with the site have decided that we should discourage people from bringing their own generators, it appears from our discussion with leaders the noise from generators in previous jamborees is one of the major annoyances to leaders and young people. Apparently a number of leaders do not see this as a problem as many have changer over to 12volt lights powered by a car battery, we will have facilities for charging car batteries. If people defiantly need power a discussion with the site and sub-camp teams who can position your camp area with access to one of our generators.

I can only help for a couple of days?

Not a problem, even if you can only help for a day we will welcome you with open arms. In respect to the cost, we will charge £10 per night or day, to cover the catering. No charge will be levied if you bring your own meals. Every helper will be entitled to one free camp badge.

I only want to help for a couple of days?

No problem, see above.

I can only help during the day?

No problem, we understand some people cannot camp, answer as above. We will need a number of leaders and adults to help with the Exeter Monopoly, this will be a day event with Scouts and Explorers travelling around  Exeter on the local bus company, this will need a large number of leaders supporting,

Can I bring my Caravan/Motor home?

Caravans and Motor homes are requested to book with the Camping and Caravan club area on their site. , that will be away from the sub-camp areas, so Yes.

I think the £160 is a bit expensive for a weeks camp?

I am afraid if you compare it with a troop camp then yes, it may seem expensive, however, we have to pay commercial rates to use the site and hire the equipment, luckily we can get lots of volunteers to help out and still keep the event competitive compared with commercial providers, the opportunity your young people will get is a brilliant camp with like minded other young people and most of them will remember these camps for the rest of their lives, they also make life long friends from it and when we finish on the Sunday, you will have thought they knew each other all there lives, from a leaders point of view you will get out of it what you put in and often I find leaders coming to me and saying, they have learnt a lot or had never thought of this or that activity. The £160 covers the site and activities, I agree they have to get there and be feed as well,

If you look at it from a commercial point of view we have 8 days on site, divided by £160, that is £20 per day, we have costed it out to ensure we give the best value and on looking around all the other large camps are of a comparable cost, plus they are a lot further away.

How do I pay for the camp?

We are managing all payments through the booking system Scouts-EMS. When you booked you would have received an Email from with your logon details. If you log back into the system and click the Invoice button your Invoice will load.

When the Invoice loads, scroll down to the bottom of the screen where our Bank deatils are displayed.

Your booking reference number is also displayed at the bottom of the page, please include this reference number with all payments, this will help us to keep track of your payment history.

One of my scouts is in a wheelchair or has other special needs, is this a problem?

As you are aware the Scout Movement is fully inclusive and we have already discussing hypothetical disable people, we are fully committed to accommodating all disabled members of the movement. If you have a disabled person who would like to attend please contact us so we can ensure we have adequate facilities to allow inclusion.

I have a scout who takes medicine daily and it needs to be kept in a fridge, is this a problem?

Not a problem. the medical facility will have a medical fridge and can accommodate.

A couple of my Scouts wish to attend a religious service during the week, will they miss out?

No problem, we hope to have identified the majority of religions places of worship, we will have a non-denominational service available to people in the camp.

Will the site be easy to get to?

The route to the site is very simple, down the M5, then up Halden Hill on the A38 and at the top of the hill is the Race course, access in and out is easy,

I have a couple of Explorers/Young Leaders who will want to camp with the Scouts

That is not a problem, the Explorers will have their own sub-camp as we have been told by the Explorers they like to stay up later and do cause a bit more noise, as we all know. If Explorers wish to camp in with the Scouts Sub-camps they will have to comply with the scout sub-camps rules.

If they want to stay with the Explorer Sub-camp they will need to talk to the Explorer Sub-camp leader and book in, this will be organised in the new year.

What time will the activities start?

At this present moment in time, I am not sure. I am hoping things would start about 0930. We are looking at getting some activities to run in the evening as well. The radio station I believe will be running from 7 am to 10 pm and we will need DJ’s to host the sessions, this will be the major way of communications on the site.

My group only want to attend for part of the camp, is this a problem?

We would like all people to attend for all week but understand commitments and other reasons. if a group only want to attend for part of the week, this is possible. the cost for each day or part of the day is £20, you will need to book on the booking form and pay the deposit and make it clear when you are arriving and leaving.

 Is there anywhere we can get gas cylinders from at the camp?

We will locate the local LP Gas suppliers and set up a system so that groups attending don’t have to carry gas in their equipment if they do not want to.

Are there washing/showering facilities onsite or do we need to provide our own wash tents?

Yes showering facilities will be available on site, but although water will be provided groups will need to ‘wash up’ catering equipment and cutlery within your camp area.