Meet the Jamboree Team

As planning is now in full flow, here’s a brief introduction to the Team who are pulling together the fantastic event for Devon.

Andy Ellis – Camp Chief

team member - Andy

“Some 20 years ago I went down to the local Scout Hut to put my son’s name on the beavers waiting list, and have not look backwards.”

During my short time, I have not only worked with Beavers but also Cubs, Scouts and the majority of my time with the Explorers, I am a great believer in Young people empowerment and as many people know many of the events I have set up have originated from the Young people. I work in scouting for the smiles on the faces of the young people after they have had a great time and achieved something they did not think they could do.

I am currently living in Tiverton and am really looking forward to working with the Young People. As I say to everybody, if you email me and I do not respond in a couple of days I will not be offended if you remind me if you have any ideas you feel should be at the camp. Please let members of the team know.

Richard Carpenter – Assistant Camp Chief

Hi, I’m Rich and I have been a Scout Leader for 12 years. I have been involved in Scouting for 31 years, starting by joining Beavers and working my way all the way up to Ventures.  As an adult volunteer, I have held various roles in Scouts and Explorers.  I have also been a GSL and Assistant County Commissioner for Communications in Cambridgeshire, and since moving to Devon I now hold the ACC – Comms role here.  

I have organised many Graduation Balls for Portsmouth University turning a green field site into a full festival site including tentage, power, lighting food and drink outlets and fairgrounds in under 72 hours.  I have also helped to organise CamJam in Cambridgeshire in 2011 and 2015.


Damean Miller – Programs

team member

I have been involved in Scouting all my life, for the last 20 years in various leadership roles, in the Scout, Explorer and now Network sections. I love getting out there and living my life to the full, which supports all the varied hobbies I have gained through Scouting, and still follow. This includes climbing, Off Roading, and shooting, but by far my favourite hobby is kayaking and canoeing. I’m an NGB coach as well as a Scout Permit holder and can be found in and around the waters of Plymouth Sound 3 – 4 times a week.

I’ve been involved in all the previous Run to the Funs as well as other local, regional and national camps. I can’t wait for Devon to host this huge event, it’s going to be an amazing experience, both young and old. Whenever I get the chance I’ll be slipping off and helping out with Splash, so come down and say Hi.

Steven Donohue – Infrastructure Manager

I am Scout Section Leader with 12th North Devon Pilton Scouts.  I was a Cub and Scout myself and love being involved in the movement now as a leader, giving young people opportunities to get out there.


David Moate – Information Tent

I’m David Moate, one of the “senior” members of the team, having been involved in Scouting since my Wolf Cub days back in Cambridge, my hometown. I’ve got a wealth of experience in many roles, at Group, District and County level. I’ve also been involved in International Scouting as a Scout Leader in Holland and have led numerous expeditions in the UK and High Alps, including conquering Mont Blanc!

Locally, I’ve been involved in Devon Scouting for over 30 years and was privileged to be part of the Devon & Cornwall Leadership Team at the 1991 WSJ in South Korea. I have been involved in all of the RTTF events so far and for this RTTF4, I’ve assembled a team of Information Tent helpers whose aim is to provide you with all the answers to all of your questions! Between us, we’ve got decades centuries of experience which we want to pass on to you all. Want to know when the ice-cream van arrives or where do I book in for Splash? Come and see us and we’ll give you the answer! You might even get coffee and cake if you time it right! The Information Tent is going to be “The Place To Be Seen”, so I’ll see you there.

Kate Taylor – International & adult support

Team member

Hi, I’m Kate. I have been a Scout Leader for 20 years now and still love it as much as the day I joined. I have worked in the Beaver and Cub sections before joining the Explorer section about 10 years ago. I am regularly involved in activities with my local Units in North Devon. I have also been fortunate enough to have travelled abroad with Scouts on a number of occasions. My two proudest moments were attending the last World Scout Jamboree, in Sweden as the Leader of the Devon Unit and leading a group of Devon Scouts to Botswana last summer to undertake a building project in partnership with Botswana Scout Association.

My role at Run to the Fun is to look after our dedicated team of volunteers who make large events like this possible. I hope to make their experience as fun as the participants they are supporting and ensure they realise the massive contribution they are making giving up their time is appreciated.

As ACC International for Devon, I also support visiting groups from other countries and Devon groups who are bringing their International Scouting Friends.

Sam Powell- Sub-camp chief

I have been in Scouting since 2008 (well that was as far back as I wanted to go!) I have mainly worked with the Scouts and the Explorer sections within the Plymstock and Plympton here in Devon area and we have been meeting nearly every week for that time. I was lucky to be part of a team that went to Finland in 2016 for the Explorer belt and finished up at Roihu the Finland Jamboree. 

I went to the last Run to the Run and offered my help and loved every minute of it. So here I am again but this time taking on the role of Subcamp Chief. 

My role at Run to the Fun is to look after the subcamps and make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time. But I can’t do anything about the weather so keep your fingers crossed.

Subcamp names:

Daisy (staff)
Bluebell (Blue)
Buttercup (Yellow)
Rosie (Pink)
Violet  (Purple) Explorer 

Jack Wensley – Entertainment Manager

I was a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer in 1998 in North Devon, since then I have held roles with the Cubs and Explorer Sections in Devon, Surrey and Greater London. I am now mainly working on the Croydon Scouting District Team, where I am generally based, working in the film industry. I attended the first Run to the Fun as an explorer, the second as network and was shipped in at the last minute to take over the entertainment at Run to the Fun 3. With a little more time to prepare there’ll be more showbiz, more glitter and even more fun!


Margaret Jarvis – Beavers & Cubs

I’ve been in Scouting for over 39 years. My first appointment was an ACSL and then the Cub Scout Leader at the 22nd Oxford Sea Scout Group.  Oxford was three separate districts and when the decision was made to merge these into one, I agreed to take on the DC role. The launch of Oxford Spires took place at Oxford Town Hall with footballer Martin Keohan as our guest.  Oxford Spires was a very large district with over 21 Groups, most having all sections totalling 1500 people. After completing a 5-year term I agreed to take on a County Role as ACC Beavers for Oxfordshire. Sure you will all agree Beavers are Fun!!!

We moved to Devon in late 2007 and soon became involved in scouting. I became ADC Beavers for North Devon and also a member of the County Executive which I still am.
In July 2011 I took on the role of DC Tiverton which ended in June 2016.
I currently have a number of County roles one of which is Manager of the Activity Permit Scheme and Activities. (MAPS) I have previously been involved with the arrangements for the RTF3 Beavers and Cubs activity day.


Trevor Munro – Media/Web Manager

I’m Trev, I am one of the youngest members of the HQ team and I’m heading up the Media for Run to the Fun. During the event, you’ll see me working with the Media and Admin team. I’m currently working behind the scenes on all of the website content. I’ve had a leadership role in Scouting for over 10 years and I’ve been in Scouting since I was a cub. I’m currently the Media Development Manager, Network Leader and County Scout Network Administrator for Devon Scouts. I’m involved with other various voluntary organisations including Lions International and Hospital Radio Plymouth.