Sub Camps

daisy the cowDaisy the Run To The Fun cow would like to introduce you to the herd of sub-camp cows.

Each subcamp will be represented by a colour and have their own cow mascot.

These ladies will be seen around the camp and will race on lady’s day. Daisy will be there to represent the staff team. Which of our lovely ladies will win?

The Herd Daisy is the chief cow, she loves adventure and getting the herd out and about. Steadfast and reliable Daisy is the girl who gets the job done. Just like our staff team she works hard and enjoys the rewards.

Buttercup (yellow) is gentle cow who approaches every task with a calm head. She takes everything in her stride and is always ready to lend a hand. She is always there to support her friends and is looking forward to making lots of new friends in Buttercup sub-camp.

Clover (green) is the sensible one. She will solve any problem using her insight and intellect. She applies these skills to every task and always see a challenge through to the end. Have you got what it takes to join Clover’s herd?

Rosie (pink) is a cheerful cow. She brings a smile to every situation and is always ready to lend a hand. Rosie’s crew will be the cheerful gang, see them around the camp – you know it them from their smiles.

Bluebell (blue) is the adventurous cow, always looking for a challenge she is the first in the que for new experiences and there will be lots of them at RTTF4. Campers in the bluebell herd will be the loudest of them all.

Violet (purple) The Explorer Cow is happy, cheerful and ready to go. She takes the adventure to the next level by staying up later and taking part in more activities than ever before. At the end of each day she heads back to her pastures but may graze a little longer before turning in.